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Sound Proofing and Noise Reduction


Acoustic panels are a very common solution to reduce noise.  Our sound absorbing panels are guaranteed to reduce unwanted noise from your space. 
Panels can be  customized to your existing space through color, size and shape.

Our technical sound consultants will help you custom fit your space.


Quality Assurance

The acoustical panels are an exclusive Dimensional Acoustic Panel per architectural design and manufactured under U.S. Patent No. 8,857,565. Fabric Wrapped Fiberglass Panels have a  Fiberglass core of 6-7 pcf plus 1/8” 16 lb fiberglass with custom profiled design pattern on face, with hardened edges, seamless finish material wrapped and bonded to back side of panels.
Thickness: 1 inch; NRC 0.85
Thickness: 2 inch; NRC 1.05

Manufacturer Qualifications: Acoustic Enterprises has developed the technology and experience in producing the acoustical products specified herein.
Installer Qualifications: Must be a qualified and experienced Installer of Acoustical Wall Panels. 

Flat Wall Panels

Dimensional Panels

Acoustic Art Panels

Quality products are the result of quality materials.

Core material is 6-7 lb Johns Manville Fiberglass  Whispertone® Wallboard.  This is designed for use in a wide range of acoustical panel and office interior product applications and HVAC equipment. Whispertone  is resilient and resists  breakdown and sagging from vibration and damage from impact.  Density: 2.5 – 6.0 pcf  Thickness: 0.46″ – 4.0″


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