Fiberglass ceiling panels were designed to help the performance of the building.  
If you have fiberglass ceiling panels and the surface is soiled, AEI can reskin (or recover) your existing fiberglass 
panels using new materials that will restore and increase the performance 
of your panels.

Customers have reported

  • Better performance in the HVAC load with their open office floor plan
  • A general increase in all-around performance
  • Loved the beauty and maintenance free surface

Custom ceiling panel material (Washable Nubby Fabric) offers:

  • High Performance
  • Class “A” Material
  • NRC Value of .85
  • Better light reflectance
  • More durability
  • Dirt that collects on the surface can be cleaned
  • Protection from turning yellow with age

Studies conducted in working environments show that light reflectance value in 
work areas can create some severe effects on employees.  If the light value is below standard, it creates a work atmosphere that:

  • Is less than conducive to maximum productivity
  • Can create different levels of depression

When fiberglass ceiling panels are soiled and stained you lose light value; and the 
more soiled they become, the gloomier the work area seems.

SOLUTION: Reskinning

Our reskinning process provides:

  • Materials that provide optimum use of your light
  • A fresh environment that will benefit your employees

Let Acoustic Enterprises bring the life back into your existing fiberglass ceiling panels as well as your building at 
40 – 50% less than the cost of replacement.