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Reskin A Ceiling

If you have fiberglass ceiling panels and the surface is soiled, AEI can reskin (or recover) your existing fiberglass 
panels using new materials that will restore and increase the performance 
of your panels.



Save $$$ and Maintenance Headaches while Protecting the Environment.  SOILED & STAINED FIBERGLASS CEILING PANELS: Our patented VACU-BOND® process is the only process that completely restores your existing fiberglass ceiling panels to their original beauty.

The VACU-BOND® process is done at the job site working after hours to provide a fresh, new working environment when employees return to work the following morning.

Acoustic Enterprises has created a way to preserve existing fiberglass ceiling panels and the environment at a huge savings.  The custom washable material keeps ceilings bright and clean for many years.  Our patented process represents value added to a building at a savings, qualifies as GREEN building status and can provide you LEED points. VACU-BOND® saves the green twice!!

Our reskinning process provides:

  • Materials that provide optimum use of your light
  • A fresh environment that will benefit your employees

Let Acoustic Enterprises bring the life back into your existing fiberglass ceiling panels as well as your building at 
40 – 50% less than the cost of replacement.



Acoustic Enterprises reuses 100% of your existing fiberglass ceiling material. 

 With your fiberglass ceiling panels looking and performing like new again, you have:  This is a sensible, cost effective, and green way to recycle fiberglass ceiling panels.

  • Added 15 or more years to your existing fiberglass ceiling panels
  • Saved 40-50% vs. replacement
  • Shown Environmental Responsibility
  • AEI recovers existing fiberglass ceiling panels with a beautiful new, washable ceiling panel fabric
  • The “green”, 
patented VACU-BOND® process offers:
  • A new vinyl foil backing which provides added performance from your panels
  • NRC value of .85
  • Saves thousands of dollars on unnecessary replacement of ceiling panels


Customers have reported

  • Better performance in the HVAC load with their open office floor plan
  • A general increase in all-around performance
  • Loved the beauty and maintenance free surface


Custom ceiling panel material (Washable Nubby Fabric) offers:

  • High Performance
  • Class “A” Material
  • NRC Value of .85
  • Better light reflectance
  • More durability
  • Dirt that collects on the surface can be cleaned
  • Protection from turning yellow with age



AEI’s VACU-BOND® Process will preserve your original investment for years to come.  We understand that a quality product at the best price is your bottom line.  AEI has created a product and service that gives you exactly that!

  • We come right into your building and set up in a small area.
You do not have to do a thing except let us go to work.
  Reskinning gives your panels a makeover at 40- 50% less than replacement.
  • We clean the grid while your panels are being processed with new material.
We also reskin any of your closet stock so everything matches your new finish.
If you need replacement panels, AEI also manufactures new panels.

The VACU-BOND® Process will renew your nubby fiberglass ceiling panels.
Letting AEI do a test area in your building is the best way to start the renewal process.