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Sound Proofing and Noise Reduction Projects

Kenya Restaurant

This restaurant project located in Kenya, Africa features our Dimensional and Flat panels to provide the sound absorption this restaurant needed. The Ceiling Clouds feature our 820 Dunes pattern. Flat panels were placed around the fascia area to provide even more sound absorption.

City of Black Hawk

The atrium area of the new building in the City of Black Hawk, CO had an echo problem that affected their daily work. They chose our 2″ Dimensional Panels that not only afford the sound absorption they needed, but the panels are a beautiful addition to their new building.

Florida Condo

Our Dimensional Panels were created to be suspended as a stackable accordion type room divider for this upscale condo.  The designer chose our 802 Dolphins pattern which varied from panel to panel.  Not only was this a beautiful addition, but it is a very effective room divider providing sound control from room to room.

Edmonton Hotel

These 8 ft. circular clouds were designed for the Renaissance Airport Hotel in Edmonton, Canada. These clouds provided acoustical value with additional upward lighting to create the perfect ambience for their hotel.

Curtis Hotel

AEI was requested to provide a new ceiling panel insert for the Curtis Hotel Ballroom located in downtown Denver, Colorado. We created a “dimensional” ceiling panel insert especially designed for them.


An example of how clean and beautiful your ceiling panels can look again once you have them “reskinned” using our Vacu-Bond® process. This is a hallway at the Hallmark corporate headquarters building that has this 1 panel left to be done.

Western Interior

Check out our recent project, Western Interior. We provided a custom solution to meet the acoustic needs of their office environment.

E² Amusements

Check out our recent project, E² Amusements We provided a custom solution to meet the acoustic needs of their office environment.

Broadmoor Play

Check out our Broadmoor Play project at the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We provided a custom solution to meet the acoustic needs of the upscale bowling alley in this hotel.

Maimonides Pediatrics

The 500 Tanzanite acoustic panels were all a part of Maimonides playful aquatic theme that mimics the aquariums found at the Maimonides Infants & Children’s Hospital. Their goal was to accommodate children and their families in a comfortable, supportive environment to relieve anxiety and optimize healing. Panels manufactured by Acoustic Enterprises Inc.

North Las Vegas City Hall

The Dimensional Acoustic Panels on the walls of the new City and County building in North Las Vegas, Nevada were designed, developed and manufactured by Acoustic Enterprises Inc. The dimensional panels are located in the council chamber and offer the sound dampening qualities necessary for that space.

Restaurant Clouds

McDonalds had a design in mind to create a bright and colorful environment with sound control at the top of the list. The sassy acoustic wall panels and floating clouds above the light fixtures has created a new look for their restaurant and play stations. Panels and clouds manufactured by Acoustic Enterprises Inc.

Have completed sound proofing and noise reduction projects with these brands: