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Acoustic Enterprises’ Story

Our recent development is the Dimensional Acoustic Wall Panel.  The dimensional panel was created because of a desire in the commercial industry to have a wall panel that not only provides acoustical value in the working environment, but also creates an element of beauty and design.  AEI provides an array of intriguing designs while we continue to develop new ones.  Your company logo or suggesting a design you may have in mind is something we encourage our customers to consider.  We recently received our U.S. Patent No. 8,857,565 for our Dimensional Acoustic Wall Panel process.

Acoustic Enterprises Inc. (AEI) are innovators of the Patented VACU-BOND® process. Our VACU-BOND® process has allowed us to create and patent other innovative products such as the totally encapsulated panel for clean rooms, computer rooms and the medical industry where a particulate free environment is required or desired.

In the 1980’s AEI developed the revolutionary green process for “Reskinning” existing acoustic fiberglass ceiling panels. Our patented process was designed to make existing fiberglass ceiling panels look brand new again, while improving the quality and extending the life of the fiberglass panels in commercial buildings across the country.

Our process provides your existing fiberglass panels with a beautiful new custom and washable surface material. A new vinyl foil backing can be added to your panels during the process. The new materials add years of value to your panels, plus we save you money and maintenance costs. AEI can manufacture replacement ceiling panels in any quantities with the same beautiful surface material we used during our “Reskinning” process. 

Our dedication has allowed us to provide our customers with high standards of quality products, outstanding service and top notch performance since 1988.