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Sonus North America acquired the assets of Colorado Acoustic Enterprises effective  6/15/2020.


Why did this happen?
● Acoustic Enterprises makes a high quality product that is under represented across North America.
● Don and Jacque Harrison (previous owners) decided to retire.
● Kevin Simons and Darren Chambers (new leadership) believe in the product and want to  invest in the growth and distribution of these high quality acoustical insulation products.

What does this mean for you?
On a day-to-day basis, it’s business as usual for now with the exception of email address changes
and legal entity name. We will continue to deliver on the quality acoustic panel you have come to
expect. The immediate impact includes new leadership and resources to invest in the growth of our
products and business.

What does this mean for Acoustic Enterprises?
Our entire staff is now a part of Sonus North America. This is includes Julie and Chris – our
superstars!. Our head office and facility office remains in Colorado.

Our intention and strategy:
1) Invest in sales and marketing – this includes marketing, branding, sales collateral, tech stack, people, and digital assets
2) Streamline our production – create production efficiencies, invest in automation, and
create better tracking to improve transparency
3) Drive innovation – invest in new designs and products to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. …while maintaining the high quality standards Acoustic Enterprises has committed to all these years.

What’s in a name?
Let’s discuss the definitions of the word Sonus:
● Sonus is a Latin word that means “noise, sound” or “tone, character, style.”
● sonus (m) – good fortune, prosperity, happiness

We are in the business of “sound” control. Creating a better environment for people to experience the value that our customers offer (be it doctors/hospital waiting area, customer service center, or enjoying a meal with friends and family) It is important to us that we operate with the right voice (tone), values (character), and realize the “way” we do business. We want our employees and customers to be engaged and happy. And, of course, we expect the business to be prosperous as a result.
We feel the word Sonus represents the problems we solve, who we are, and how we operate.

Is there anything changing other than the name?
Yes…and no. As we implement our strategy, we expect to improve the materials and tools you have to represent our product. We expect changes in production that will help facilitate growth and volume. However, all of our production staff will remain the same and our key employees, such as, Julie and Chris, will remain and be a aterial part of implementing our strategy.

WIll there be any changes to prices?
Honestly, we don’t know yet. We want to remain competitive, offer good value, and help you drive more business. We will decide together how we do that.

Is the contact information or the way we communicate with you changing?
The phone number will remain the same. New emails will be shared. We also hope in the near future we can provide increased transparency and access to production statuses, quotes, and pricing. The goal is to equip you with the tools you need to be successful

How do we contact the new leadership?
Simple, our contact information is below:

Kevin Simons – 303.774.9992 – kevin@sonusna.com
Darren Chambers – 303.774.9992 – darren@sonusna.com


Kevin Simons

28 years building and leading businesses across industries, services, and products. Broad-based expertise in service, operations, finance, technology, and business development.  View full bio at Linkedin

Darren Chambers

Primarily involved in software design and development since 1994. He is a principal and founder of a 21 year old scanning software, service and storage company and has been CEO of that organization for the last 15 years.  View full bio at Linkedin