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Impact Resistant Panels

High Impact Resistant Acoustic Panels

 Decorative high impact wall and ceiling panels deliver high performance sound absorption. 

  Durable | Easy to Maintain | Beautiful

Wrapped Fiberglass High Impact Resistant Acoustic Wall Panels – Fiberglass core of 6-7 pcf with 1/8” 16 lb fiberglass impact board with hardened edges, seamless finish material wrapped and bonded to back side of panels.  Utilizes Patented VACU-BOND process. 

Thickness: 1 inch; NRC 0.85 (Finished size of Impact Resist Panels = 1-1/8 inch)
Thickness: 2 inch; NRC 1.05 (Finished size of Impact Resist Panels = 2-1/8 inch)
Size: Custom sized as per drawings

Finish Material: Manufacturer’s standard is Guilford of Maine, Anchorage 2335 and Broadcast # 2758.
Alternate Finish Material: Customer Own Material (C.O.M.) fabric
Color: Select from manufacturer’s standard or alternate C.O.M.

  Durable  |  Easy to Maintain  |  Beautiful

Manufacturer Qualifications: Acoustic Enterprises developed the technology and experience in producing the acoustical products specified herein.
Installer Qualifications: Must be a qualified and experienced Installer of Acoustical Wall Panels.

Acoustic Fabric Selection

Extensive selection of high performance fabrics, patterns, colors and textures.
“Anchorage” & “Broadcast” fabrics are included in price, others may include upcharge.

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