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The current global pandemic has led many businesses to consider things they had likely given little thought to previously, and among those many considerations is the type of ceiling panels they use. Whether for insulation or soundproofing or both, ceiling panels constructed from a porous material with no external shell are common, but are not ideal for environments where sanitation is of utmost importance, especially during this and future pandemics.

That is why the encapsulated panels by Acoustic Enterprises are critical for such environments. They allow Clean Rooms, Laboratories, Computer Rooms, Clean Production areas, Restaurants, and all areas of the Medical Industry to continue providing insulation against temperatures and sound, without increasing particulates or susceptibility to contamination. 

Safe and Practical

Encapsulated panels are the ideal way to insulate a high-risk sanitary environment, because they are completely washable with a flush outer surface that is also reflective for additional insulation from radiation. Using this type of panel allows facilities to cut down on heating and air conditioning costs, while maintaining the highest standards of sanitation. 

Our encapsulated panels are constructed entirely of Class “A” materials, meaning they are extremely safe and fireproof. The reflective outer surface not only shields against fire, but also heat from daylight or other radiation sources. The durability of these materials also means that they can be removed, relocated, or reused very easily. Their projected lifespan is extremely long.

Not only for medical environments, many other business spaces could benefit from this type of panel, especially considering recent events, and potential changes to regulations which may result from them. 

Encapsulated Panels for Essential Businesses

One area where encapsulated panels are extremely important is in manufacturing facilities which are attempting to come back online, to renew supply chains, particularly in the medical, food, and other essential industries. Encapsulated panels can help to ensure that such facilities meet regulatory guidelines for reopening, and help get our economies back on their feet again. 

A significant aspect of continuing to operate a business after the Covid-19 outbreak is being able to properly disinfect a space. The CDC has recommended certain disinfectants be used on all surfaces, but of course porous ceiling tiles are not ideal for liquid disinfectants. Encapsulated ceiling panels, on the other hand, allow businesses to implement the strictest disinfecting procedures even on the ceiling. 

These tiles, while designed especially with ceilings in mind, are not in any way limited from being applied to walls and other surfaces; essentially, anywhere that you need an insulated, fire-proof surface that’s easily disinfected, these tiles are an ideal solution.