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Acoustical treatment has come a long way in terms of the robust options available for various types of design in noise reduction panels. At one point in time, only a handful of fabricators were producing simple foam panels for recording studios, concert halls, and similar customers, and it was not particularly decorative. Usually, it was just a single-colored, often lumpy surface of plain foam. 

Luckily, in the past few decades, the options available from companies like Reskin have exploded into a plethora of aesthetic possibilities. These range from stylishly shaped and designed fabric panels, to those that are actually printed with images. 

Art Meets Sound Control

Today, most artistic sound panels are created not from foam, but from layered fiberglass materials which take up less space, and are then covered with a huge variety of fabrics, with any number of colors, designs, and shapes. They are also more durable, easier to install, and class-A fire rated, so ultimately safer. 

With the advent of dye sublimated fabrics, more recently, the options for design of custom art panels has expanded even further, to include custom graphics, logos, and virtually any images one can print onto fabric. This means that each sound panel is essentially a canvas, which can be digitally printed with literally any art, photographs, or patterns. 

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is a process of spraying the dyes onto the fabric, with machine precision. This allows you to take any image file from a computer, and blow it up to banner size (with high enough resolution), printed onto a sound panel and hung on a wall. That means acoustic art panels can look like literally anything: photos of nature, the ocean, any geometrical or patterned design, a city skyline, or famous works of art. 

If you’re using them in a daycare, you can use images that will be appealing to the children. In an office, you can add inspirational quotes. You can even use images of a normal wall background, such as bricks or stone masonry, to give an interesting contrast to the background of whatever wall they’re hung on. 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to modern custom art panels from Reskin, using dye sublimation. They can be literally anything.

Art Prints That Improve Acoustics

Adding a custom acoustical art panel is essentially killing two birds with one stone, by both beautifying your space, and reducing its noise problems. That’s a real no-brainer for any professional space or home with acoustical issues, whether they be excess ambient noise, privacy issues, or poor sound quality in your home theater. 

Whatever your specific acoustical need, why not make your acoustical treatment also an aesthetic upgrade with custom acoustical art panels from Reskin? Odds are nobody will even know you’ve used acoustic panels, they’ll just be impressed with the beautiful art on the walls, and how pleasantly quiet the room is. That’s acoustical treatment with stealth and style.