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A large part of the value offered in a restaurant is not only the food and service, but the atmosphere, the ambiance of the space itself. Restaurant acoustics, especially the ambient noise from other diners or the kitchen, is a major factor for diners’ experience, even if they themselves may never recognize or express why they feel the way they do when they’re dining there. 

This is especially true in increasingly common repurposed restaurant spaces, which turn often industrial spaces not originally designed for dining into functional restaurants, which too often end up being noisy, with harsh brick walls, pipes, and metallic surfaces which bounce sound around erratically, and lead to a cacophony of voices chattering, plate clacking, and silverware noise. The worsening acoustical situation in restaurants has even gotten some attention from the media, as awareness of noise pollution becomes more common.

Handling the noise situation in your restaurant space is crucial, and adding acoustic panels is a great way to do that. Reskin’s various wall panels and clouds can greatly reduce the ambient noise in any restaurant space, and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to match any aesthetic. 

Your guests as well as your employees will all appreciate the effect that reduced noise can have, which lowers stress and increases the calm enjoyment of what a dining experience should be. 

Types of Restaurant Acoustical Products

Restaurant Clouds

Reskin’s custom line of acoustical clouds come in a variety of customizable designs and specs, can be mounted in a variety of ways, and especially designed for restaurant applications. Our clouds have even been used by McDonalds to create a space where customers feel comfortable and happy. 

Wall/Ceiling Panels

Our acoustical flat panels for walls and ceilings are another great way to reduce sound, as walls and ceilings are the primary reflection points for ambient noise. As with all of Reskin’s products, these can be manufactured in a variety of specs and custom designs to match any space. Check out this case study of a high-end restaurant in Kenya which used our panels hung from their ceiling to drastically improve the acoustic conditions of their space. 

3-D Panels

Panels don’t have to be flat, and our 3-D acoustical panels provide even more freedom for design to match your unique needs, with 3-D designs and dimensional indentations.