Acoustic Diffuser Panel

AEI’s diffuser panel offers superior characteristics where it is necessary to have a balance of sound absorption and high frequency diffusion. Through our resources of skilled acousticians, AEI has been able to engineer a highly effective diffuser panel for the commercial industry and residential community. Acoustic Diffuser in a Wall Panel combines sound absorption for low frequency sound and diffusion of high frequency sound.  Acoustic fiberglass panels sculpted specifically to create a diffuser wall panel for your particular needs.  VACU-BOND® Diffuser Panel offers an Outstanding acoustic performance where sound control reaches different levels.
A wide selection of fabrics to wrap your panels whether it is for:

Commercial Theaters -Home Theaters – Churches – Auditoriums

Acoustic Fabric Selection

Extensive selection of high performance fabrics, patterns, colors and textures.
“Anchorage” & “Broadcast” fabrics are included in price, others may include upcharge. 

Click below to view fabric selection:

Ease of Installation

Rotofast mounting system is used for easy installation

Low Maintenance

Durable and easy to clean