Encapsulated Panels


The Encapsulated Panel For Clean Rooms, Laboratories, Computer Rooms, Production areas and the Medical Industry.

AEI has been proactive to the needs of our customers and the industry. By being environmentally connected to what building owners and managers need in their commercial buildings, we have been able to develop products that fit those demands. The encapsulated panel serves a serious need where Clean Room applications, Laboratories, Computer Rooms, Production areas and the Medical Industry are concerned.

The patented encapsulated panel was designed for clean room applications where a particulate free environment is required or desired. Our state of the art encapsulated panel cuts down on heating and cooling usage. It acts like a vapor barrier in the grid system so heat and air conditioning remains in the occupied space, saving energy costs. The encapsulated panel should be a major consideration for the health of your building and the energy you will save.

  • A high tech encapsulated panel
  • The only real encapsulated ceiling panel available
  • Cuts down on heating and cooling usage
  • Provides a particulate free environment
  • NRC value .90
      Tested on 1″, 6 lb. Whispertone Fiberglass Board


  • High insulation values – saves energy
  • Totally washable
  • All class “A” materials
  • Reduces maintenance costs dramatically
  • High light reflectance value
  • Longer life of your panels