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Encapsulated Clean Room Panels

Encapsulated Panels



 Encapsulated Ceiling Panel are necessary for Clean Room Environments

The “Encapsulated Ceiling tile Panel” was designed for Clean Rooms, Laboratories, Computer Rooms, Clean Production areas, Restaurants and all areas of the Medical Industry. With the concern of new viruses, and the need for more new laboratories to start the production of drug manufacturing back in the United States, the completely “Encapsulated Ceiling Panel” is the one that is necessary for these critical environments.

The “Encapsulated Ceiling Panels” is washable and can be used in areas where a particulate free environment is required.

Patent No. 6,610,160

The patented encapsulated panel was designed for clean room applications where a particulate free environment is required or desired. Our state of the art encapsulated panel cuts down on heating and cooling usage. It acts like a vapor barrier in the grid system so heat and air conditioning remains in the occupied space, saving energy costs. The encapsulated panel should be a major consideration for the health of your building and the energy you will save.

  • A high tech encapsulated panel
  • The only real encapsulated ceiling panel available
  • Cuts down on heating and cooling usage
  • Provides a particulate free environment
  • NRC value .90
  • High insulation values – saves energy
  • Totally washable
  • All class “A” materials
  • Reduces maintenance costs dramatically
  • High light reflectance value
  • Longer life of your panels

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