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Custom Acoustic Panels


Since 1988 Acoustic Enterprises has been designing and manufacturing a full line of acoustic products.
We can design and build custom sound absorbing acoustic panels for any size or shaped room.
Acoustic Enterprises offers a collection of pre-made designs for a simple project or we can custom build panels.

We are thrilled to announce that as of Monday, June 15th, Acoustic Enterprises, Inc. has been acquired by Sonus North America LLC. Read more…

Proudly, all of our products and required materials are made right here in the USA.


Customize Panels to your Brand’s Existing Style and Color

Create elegance and enhance your existing style with decorative acoustic panels.
Add your logo and corporate colors to any of our products.
We can create nearly any design you can dream up.


Recent Noise Reduction Projects


Noise Reduction for all Size Businesses

Our patented Acoustic Panels are guaranteed to exceed your expectations for reducing the noise.
Noise reduction will improve the quality of nearly any room and improve the ambiance.
Easy to install and maintain, our acoustic products will enhance any venue.

Our panels can be built flat or a stunning 3-dimensional design,  we can use any art or your organization’s logo.

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Blogs from Acoustic Enterprises

The Necessity of Noise Control

The Necessity of Noise Control

The fact of the matter is that noise isn’t just annoying, it can also reduce productivity, morale, and even cause actual harm at certain levels. Worker compensation claims are a very real possibility if employees experience hearing loss due to noise levels on the...

Encapsulated Panels for Sanitary Spaces

Encapsulated Panels for Sanitary Spaces

The current global pandemic has led many businesses to consider things they had likely given little thought to previously, and among those many considerations is the type of ceiling panels they use. Whether for insulation or soundproofing or both, ceiling panels...

Acoustical Glossary

Acoustical Glossary

If you are shopping for a sound dampening solution for your business or home, make sure you know the basic vernacular. ACOUSTICS: The branch of science or physics which studies sound. ACOUSTICAL ANALYSIS: An analysis of the space in a room or building to determine its...

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