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Environmental issues continue to grow by huge proportions.  As a country, we all need to do our part.  Help win the war against waste; re-skin your existing fiberglass ceiling panels.

The Problem

Over 20 years of customer response is proof that the VACU-BOND® process is the most environmentally effective system for revitalizing and improving the quality of your existing fiberglass ceiling panels.

  • The U.S. alone buries millions of tons of trash every year
  • 35-40% is commercial waste
  • 80% of that waste could be recycled
  • Only 33% is actually recycled
  • Millions of square feet of fiberglass ceiling panels are dumped each year into shrinking landfills


Acoustic Enterprises reuses 100% of your existing fiberglass ceiling material. 

 With your fiberglass ceiling panels looking and performing like new again, you have:

  • Added 15 or more years to your existing fiberglass ceiling panels
  • Saved 40-50% vs. replacement
  • Shown Environmental Responsibility

This is a sensible, cost effective way to recycle fiberglass ceiling panels.



  • When you re-skin, we all win!
  • AEI recovers existing fiberglass ceiling panels with a beautiful new, washable ceiling panel fabric
  • The “green”, 
patented VACU-BOND® process offers:
  • A new vinyl foil backing which provides added performance from your panels
  • NRC value of .85
  • Saves thousands of dollars on unnecessary replacement of ceiling panels