Martin Plastic Converters, Inc.

“Our company has contracted the services of Acoustic Enterprises, Inc. a number of times, and experienced nothing less than total satisfaction.

AEI is highly professional in design and service at the most competitive prices in our area.

It has been a pleasure doing business with AEI over the last five years, and they have earned the right of first consideration for all our requirements in the future.”

-C.A. Smith, President

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Denver National Bank Building

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for your past and present prompt attention to our ceiling tile problems in The Denver National Bank Building.  The work you have done for us over the last two years has kept our tennants in attractive areas while extending considerable savings to us over replacing our ceiling tiles.

We appreciate your continued efforts in trying different methods of your “reskinning” process to reduce our costs on ceiling tile maintenance and increasing the attractive life of our tile.

If I can be of assistance to you or your potential customers as a reference, or offer information on procedures and results with your “reskinning” process, please contact me.”

-Robert M Guthrie – Building Engineer

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Denver Water Board

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done.  The ceiling tile process you used 8 months ago on over 80,000 square feet of tile has received many compliments and still looks marvelous.

Because of an inferior filter that we eventually replaced, the original 5 foot square tile in our administration building obtained a dark, dirty grey color within the first few years.  We have attempted many times to find a process to clean the tiles to obtain the white appearance it once had. We tried washing, dry cleaning, painting, and many glued or skin processes, but none were satisfactory.  Because of our failures, we decided to replace the tile, but found that the 2-inch thick existing tile was no longer available and we would have to obtain a lesser quality product at much higher prices than anticipated.  We were fortunate to see your process prior to spending much more money than need be.

Because of your process, the ceiling in our building now looks as good as it did 12 years ago, and will remain that way for many years to come.  We no longer worry about it turning grey because it is now washable.

Thanks again for a job well done.  I hope you are very successful in your business because you have service that is greatly needed.  You cannot only be proud of the savings that you provide but also the quality of work you give.”

-W. Tom Richards – Superintendent of Maintenance

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Ecolab Inc.

“We were quite pleased to see the results of the recent “re-skinning” job your company performed on our ceiling tiles on our Cedar Level area.  It looks great.  We were also happy to see the work completed as promised on schedule, with no complaints on the construction cleanup.  Since there was considerable savings as compared to replacement, we were very interested in the end results.  Those questions have been answered and the results  speak for themselves.  We are pleased with everything. It is a great service and it looks good.”

-Bob Connors – Director Property and Admin Services

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“Your company recently applied their re-skinning process to our existing Silok ceiling tiles at the Becton Dickinson facility in East Rutherford. N.J.  These ceiling tiles had been in place approximately seven years and were badly soiled.  The area involved l2,OOO square feet of office space that was being renovated for our R&D Marketing, Advertising and Sales departments.  The application was performed satisfactorily and on schedule.  The results were very pleasing and served to provide us with a very acceptable solution  to what may have been a difficult and expensive situation.  We favorably recommend both your company and the re-skinning process and would not hesitate to use your services again should the need arise.”

-R.F Perez – Facilities Staff Planner

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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

“The ceiling tile project went great.  Acoustic Enterprises Inc. are an A-1 quality outfit.  Their level of professionalism and commitment is superb.  The relaminating process works perfectly.  They also clean the grid as the tiles are being resurfaced.  The owners, Don and Jacque were always there for each part of the process.  Their patented process sells itself.

Other benefits we saw were that when ceiling tiles are down, the contractor noted flaws in the attic such as an un-attached heater duct/plenum, missing grid supports and the slow water pipe leak in Basilyn’s office.  This info is passed on to the maintenance officer for later repair.  The only waste generated was the excess edge of fabric that is cut from each ceiling tile.

Gary Poulsen and Mike Beres inspected the ACT-400 division area this morning about 7:30am and were extremely satisfied with the results.  Many people from the ACT-610 branch came to see the ceiling tile re-skinning process on Friday afternoon.”

-Jay Repko – FAA

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Boatmen’s Bancshares, Inc.

“This letter is an acknowledgement of the professional manner in which the work was performed by Acoustic Enterprises, Inc.

Over the past few years we have tried six different companies processes to clean our 2′ X 5′ cloth faced tile, none of which were satisfactory.

Don Harrison did one office at his expense so we could inspect the finished area.  After the refacing process was approved Don set up a work area and completed refacing over 197,000 sq. ft.

Please feel free to use my name as a reference.”

-John Franken

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Employers Casualty Company

“We received your shipment of resurfaced tile today.  This completes the work called for in our contract to resurface 105,000 sq.ft. and to purchase 1000 tile for our inventory.  I would like to take this opportunity to express  our gratitude for the professional manner in which the work was handled. Please pass on my thanks to Dan and Dale for their efforts.  We feel that they did an outstanding job, the proof of which is in our ceilings.  Please feel free to use me as a reference.  I would be glad to show off our white ceilings.”

-Robert L. Bell

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Bonneville Power Administration

“Acoustic Enterprises, Inc. is a small, woman-owned business based out of Colorado.  The process that will be used to refurbish ceiling tiles (VACU-BOND) is a patented process, so no other vendor can offer this service without being in violation of the patent.  The cost per square foot is reasonable.  Refurbishing the ceiling tiles ($2.00 per square foot) is less costly than ordering new ceiling tiles (anywhere from $2.88 per square foot to $5.00 per square foot).  Also, the ceiling tiles refurbished through this patented process are easily washable (with any damp rag), thus extending the life of the aging ceiling in the headquarters building.

Acoustic Enterprises, Inc. supplied me with a list of references.  All comments regarding the company (very professional, very conscientious), its work crew, and the finished product were positive.  All references did pilot projects, and stated that if they had the necessary funding, they would have had Acoustic Enterprises, Inc. continue throughout the rest of their facilities.

This small business is looking for a way present their product in the Portland metropolitan area.  Successful completion of a project for a federal agency in the area will allow for Acoustic Enterprises, Inc. to establish a market in Portland.

Office Facilities was looking for a way to maintain the ceiling in the headquarters building.  Full-scale replacement of the ceiling would cost quite a bit more (see comparison above), as well as be very wasteful.  We will be re-using all of the ceiling tile in the building, thus promoting an environmentally friendly process.”

-Paul Ratkovic – CFM, FMP

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Policy Management Systems Corp.

“Its no secret that PMSC is recognized as the growth machine in the insurance industry.  Its no wonder that they have the ability to keep in step with our nations growing technology on environmentally friendly products and services.  Mr. Ray Ross and Mr. Roy Neeley both play a key role in the operation of our Blythewood facility, and are responsible for seeking out the Denver based company that was brought in to refurbish our existing ceiling tile.

As a women owned business Acoustic Enterprises Inc. developed and patented a process for resurfacing acoustical ceiling tile that offers building owners and managers a wide range of benefits.  The process is done on site with their VACU-BOND® machine, whereby a new surface is applied to existing, soiled & stained ceiling tiles, using various surface materials such as, washable vinyl’s, or commercial fabrics.  All materials used are class A fire rated.  The patented VACU-BOND® process is providing beautiful new ceilings in buildings that will endure for many years to come, it is costing consumers less, and it is having a tremendous impact on conserving our environment from further destruction now and in the future.

PMSC realizes that using innovative technology to save our environment is an important issue.  Millions of square feet of ceiling tile are dumped into dwindling landfills around the country every year. Acoustic Enterprises, with the help of everyone, has a goal to reduce this unnecessary waste substantially with their resurfacing process.

POLICY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS CORPORATION is proud to be among the leaders in Corporate America that is devoted to using technology that works in cleaning up our Environment.  Acoustic Enterprises’ patented ceiling tile process makes a statement on the future of our buildings and our environment.”


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Petro Lewis, Corp.

“Our association with your firm began in 1983 when you reskinned in excess of 132,000 square feet of our 5′ x 5′ ceiling tile.  This provided us the appearance of a brand new ceiling while saving over $200,000.00 as opposed to our planned replacement cost.

We have especially appreciated your sense of urgency, concern and complete honesty in handling our account.

Your continued improvements in product and process have been shared with us to further improve our ceiling appearance.  Your dedication to customer satisfaction continues to be one of your outstanding attributes.

Please feel free to contact me anytime you would like to show our ceiling as an example of your work.  Also, do not hesitate to use my name as a reference.”

-Lewis K. Hyer – Manager/Corporate Facilities

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Petro Lewis, Corp. – Interoffice Memo

Following is a summary of our findings, actions taken to date, and recommendations concerning the air quality and ceiling tile at Petro-Lewis Tower.

On October 18, 1982, Ray Everhart from Urban Engineering and I toured floors 3, 6 and 7 of Petro-Lewis Tower to observe the ceiling tile and to analyze the air quality and filter change procedures being used at Petro-Lewis Tower.

The ceiling tiles on floors 3 and 7 were extremely dirty, especially around the supply and return air ducts.  The 6th floor ceiling tile, however, looked quite clean, in fact, not even discolored.

Ray and I discussed possible alternatives to help the air quality situation, and we both agreed that the filters should be changed when the gauge reading reflects .50 to .55.  A log sheet was also established in each electrical room reflecting the dates checked, by whom, and the actual gauge reading.  This should satisfy all parties concerned that a regular filter changing procedure is being conducted.

Sharon Dwyer was unable to attend the walk-through, and a letter documenting the above referred to items was sent to her on October 19, 1982.

Our alternatives to rectify the dirty ceiling tile include (1) cleaning the existing tile, (2) painting the existing tile, (3) replacing with the same type of tile, (4) replacing the existing tile with a tile similar to that on the 6th floor, and (5) reskinning the existing tile and adding a protective scotch-guard or silicone coating. Each alternative is addressed individually below.

(1) Cleaning the Existing Tile
On February 25, 1982, Cleaner Carpets Inc. submitted a proposal to Petro-Lewis to clean the insulated acoustical ceiling tile.  The proposal amounted to $12.00 per tile per cleaning.  At an average of 800 tiles per floor, our cost would be $9,600 per floor if cleaned once a year, and $19,200 per floor if cleaned twice a year. In addition to what I feel is an already excessive cost to clean, both Gene Heaston and Barry Miller felt that Cleaner Carpets sample cleaning job was unacceptable.

(2) Painting the Existing Tile
The existing ceiling tiles are catching the various impurities on the cloth surface as the air flow is drawing the impurities toward the t-bar edges.  If we would paint the tile with a bridging type of paint, it is probable but not a guarantee that the filtering characteristic would not reappear.  However, the following problems will result if we choose to paint the tile.

Each tile would need to be removed and painted individually.  If not, the tile would seal to the t-bar and cause damage to the tile every time we needed access into the ceiling. In addition to the replacement costs resulting from the above referred to situation, we should figure an additional 10% damage factor resulting from handling.  The tile would would also be filthy on the reverse side causing problems if not cleaned before being installed.  The paint fumes would also need to be considered as an inconvenience to the employees.

The approximate cost to paint the tile without removing it would be $18,000 per floor.  If we removed each tile individually, which I feel would be our only alternative, the cost would be approximately $32,000.  In both cases, I feel the replacement costs involved make the price excessive.

David Adams Associates submitted a proposal not to exceed $3,200 to analyze, adjust, and tune the masking sound system to accommodate the new tile.  This proposal does not include any additional equipment that may be required.  However, it is David Adams’ present thinking that no additional equipment will be required.

(3) Replacing With the Same Type of Tile
The original low estimate to replace the existing tile with the same type of tile amounts to $45,225 per floor.  This estimate was submitted January 18, 1982, by Acoustics and Specialties, Inc. The cost is far too excessive when compared to the fifth alternative .

(4) Replacing Existing Tile With a Tile Similar to Tile on Sixth Floor
The low estimate submitted to Petro-Lewis on April 29, 1982, amounted to $33 ,869 per floor.  The tile is the same U.S.G. Auratone filigree tile that is currently on the 6th floor.  The pattern would change ever so slightly as the 6th floor pattern has been discontinued.  The tile is available in 30″ x 60″ pieces which would require an additional t-bar.  David Adams Associates submitted a proposal not to exceed $3,200 to analyze, adjust, and tune the masking sound system to accommodate the new tile.  This results in a total cost of $34,329 per floor.  It would cost an additional $2,444 to clean the existing t-bar which would be a necessity due to the discrepancy in cleanliness between the new and existing t-bar.

(5) Reskinning the Existing Tile and Adding a Protective Scotchguard or Silicone Coating
Over the past few weeks, we have been investigating this alternative thoroughly.  The total cost to vacuum, reskin, scotchguard, and clean the tiles is approximately $12,600 per floor based on a 20,000 square foot floor.  This figure reflects a savings of $145,200 over alternative (4).

The projected estimate to vacuum clean the tile and rescotchguard each year is $2,000 per floor, or $12,000 for six floors.  We could clean the tile for 13 years before reaching a break-even point on cash outlay versus alternative (4).  However, if we figure only a 10% interest savings on the initial cash outlay versus alternative (4), we would net $14,500 per year, which would more than pay for our cleaning charges each year.

After several testings, we found that the most acceptable process was to adhere a new piece of fabric right over the existing surface.  The key appears to be the scotchguarding process.  We toured the Denver National Bank Building recently to observe their ceiling tile which has an identical surface to ours.  The scotchguarding process is currently being tested in one of their dirtier areas on the 11th floor.  This process appears to be working exceptionally well.  The scotchguarded tile is showing absolutely no signs· of soil after one month, whereas the tiles that were merely cleaned and not scotchguarded are showing definite soilage.

This new process could definitely be the answer to our ceiling tile problem at Petro-Lewis Tower.  Because this process is so new, I recommend that we conduct a test on the 3rd floor before we make a definite commitment.  By reskinning the east side corridor, the copy center, and the northeast corner of the 3rd floor, we can test two types of adhesive glues and a scotchguard protectant versus a silicon protectant.  We can monitor these areas weekly and document results.  The cost to conduct this test would be $1,650.  This is a minute investment when we consider a possible $150,000 savings.”

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